What we can do for you

Login Cafe is located in Jutial Gilgit Providing  High Speed Internet, Composing, Repairing Laptops & PC, Domain Registration, Scanning, Printing, Design, Web Development etc.

Re-installation of software and relating drive 
Computer Health Checks – Increase system performance and overall reliability by removing virus & spyware, clean out a hard drive, update the latest drive Rs. and a health diagnosis.
Driver Downloads –  Copy drives Rs. or updates onto a CD.
Useful if you don’t have internet access.Data backup – Backup your personal data to another location to protect against data loss in the event of a failure.
Data Removal – From Removal of all information from your hard drive(s).
Upgrades From Rs. 150 Installation of hardware purchased from Cobwebs or elsewhere.

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

DSL Connection

ADSL connection and if you have your own laptop, we have two places with ADSL connection available for you.For Rs. 50 per hour you can use the internet.


Photocopy both black and white. Also double-sided copying is possible. Larger numbers only by appointment.

Effort able Work

Minimal effort telephone offices are likewise accessible to give some examples. Also a full bistro with super quick web access in our custom form comfortable and agreeable environment. Our supportive and completely prepared staff are prepared to help! Don’t hesitate to peruse the site for a more point by point record of our administrations and rates. Also any new Special Offers accessible!

"Awesome hai i always go to this cafe and confident to say they have speed internet and their services"

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